Exzo Network's $100 Thousand Grants Program

Exzo Network $100 Thousand Grants Program
We designed a $100 Thousand Grants Program to support the growth of the Exzo Network ecosystem and expand our reach in the new Web 3.0 epoch.
Table of contents
  • Why Exzo Network?
  • Exzo Network Advantages
  • Investments
  • Investment Criteria
  • Application Process
  • FAQ
  • Contacts
Why Exzo Network?
Join the ecosystem of user-friendly, transparent and privacy-respecting products built on top of the Exzo Network blockchain. Just port your code from Ethereum, or develop on native chain, to deploy your application within minutes.
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Exzo Network Advantages
  • Solidity Support - Supports all smart contracts built on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Support of different Web3 Libraries - We support Web3 libraries of both Solana and Ethereum.
  • Ethereum Web3 (metamask) and Solana Web3 support - Developers can easily deploy existing open source products from Solana and Ethereum on Exzo Network with minimal yet valuable change.
  • Low-cost Transactions - Extremely efficient performance at a fraction of the cost ~0.000001$.
  • Scalability - Transfer tokens directly between accounts with 50,000+ TPS throughput, with that figure not being a hard limit.
  • Developer Support Program - Receive grants to build on Exzo Network alongside marketing and fundraising support.
  • Composable - Never deal with multiple shards or layer 2 systems.
Blockchain that eases life — built by developers, for developers.
Investment size could be up to $100,000 per project. The general investment program is designed to fund projects covering a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to:
  1. 1.
    Digital identity and privacy
  2. 2.
    Scalability solutions
  3. 3.
    DeFi-related and DEX-related products
  4. 4.
    NFT-related solutions
  5. 5.
  • Educational - games that ease entrance for those not familiar with blockchain technology or background
  • Innovative games uniting blockchain and cryptocurrencies with AI, VR/AR and other high-tech domains. We will support teams and developers who are more experienced in high-tech domains with their development on blockchain.
  • Crypto gamification
  • Other games (strategies, collectibles, card games, etc)
  1. 1.
    dApps that unite the Exzo Network blockchain with traditional sectors - Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, etc. We support teams from different domains who use blockchain to solve real business problems
  2. 2.
    Adoption of dApps - solutions that aid the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain on a wide scale.
We also will actively encourage developers on creating solutions that increase decentralization and transparency of the Exzo Network Ecosystem - possibly additional funding via ecosystem fund.
All projects will be tracked on GitHub. Teams can apply for grants more than once, but they need to successfully complete the previous project before receiving additional funds.
Projects that were chosen for the grant may also receive additional $10,000 funding from AWS per project.
  • Recruiting
We assist startups to hire top tier talent (engineers, community builders, business developers).
  • Networking
We assist startups with connections to investors, funds and accelerators.
  • Marketing
We assist startups in engaging with the key exchanges, find opinion leaders, and build viral marketing campaigns.
  • Grants
We provide grants for the creation of new tools and projects to increase the utility of Exzo Network.
  • Technical
Our experienced developers will assist with the technical side of the startup projects.
  • Research
We assist startups with all necessary research before going to market to explore new opportunities.
Investment Criteria
  • The project’s goal and scope
  • Business plan/whitepaper
  • Built on Exzo Network blockchain
  • Technical features and value proposition
  • Background and experience of the team
  • Go to market strategy and user acquisition plan
  • The project, timelines, targeted deliverables at each milestone, estimated efforts
  • The amount of funding requested and payment method
  • How the project benefits the Exzo Network ecosystem
  • An executive summary and a pitch deck
  • Willingness to provide Exzo Network team with a tutorial on a project (it's ok if you`re not ready to share unique futures or specific parts of the project).
All code produced as part of a grant must be open-sourced, and it must also not rely on closed-source software for full functionality. We take licensing and copyright compliance very seriously. Using others' work without attribution or indicating that it's not your work will lead to immediate termination. Please contact us before submitting if you have any doubts about licensing matters, and we'll be happy to help.
Application Process
  1. 1.
    To participate in the grant program, fill out an application form.
  2. 2.
    Team applications are submitted by one representative, containing contact information, experience and portfolio of all team members who would be involved in working on the task.
  3. 3.
    Application forms will be reviewed within 14 working days and selection results will be sent to the email specified in the application.
  4. 4.
    If a proposal is successful, further communication will be required to determine specific details around timelines and payment schedules.
  5. 5.
    Feedback will occur throughout the grant process.
  • Who can join?
Exzo Network Grants Program applies to any qualified specialist/s that will bring real benefits to the Exzo Network ecosystem.
  • How do I apply?
You can apply at any time. To get started, click this.
  • What are the requirements for the project?
Applications and submissions must be in English language. Anyone contributing within the grants program must ensure a high level of personal and professional ethics and morals.
  • Can I provide suggestions for the Investment categories, process or anything else?
Yes, we welcome all feedback, discussion and suggestions. You can send your suggestions to [email protected]
  • What is the size of investments offered?
The more difficult and higher priority of the task, the higher the reward will be (up to $100,000).
  • Why should I build on Exzo Network?
The Exzo Network Grants Program is designed to support the growth of the Exzo Network ecosystem and expand our reach in the new Web 3.0 epoch.
  • What is a decentralized application?
DApp, or decentralized application, is a software application that runs on a distributed network. The application must be run on Exzo Network blockchain.
  • What is the application process?
The application process consists of 4 review rounds: initial approval of the concept, team within 2-4 weeks — face to face meeting with founders — high level research about the company — ask for the terms and a second meeting.
  • How long will the program last?
Intensive acceleration & investment period average continues for 6 months.
Any suggestions are accepted by email [email protected] or reach out via telegram.