Node Validator Setup

A tutorial for becoming a node validator on the Exzo Network via staking XZO.

Pre-requisits and system requirements

Part 1 - Build from Source (Ubuntu 20.04)

Follow this guide to download and compile the binaries.

Part 2 - Generate Validator Keys

Create a directory to store your keys and testnet blockchain data
mkdir ~/.testexzo
cd ~/ExzoCoin
Run this to generate your validator keys
./exzocoin secrets init --data-dir ~/.testexzo
You should see something like this:
Public key (address) = 0xXXXXXXXXXX...
BLS Public key = 0xXXXXXXXXXX...
Save that somewhere secure and continue to the next step.

Part 3 - Stake Your XZO tokens

Setup staking contracts

Download the staking contracts:
git clone
cd staking-contracts
npm i
cp .env.example .env
Now open up the .env file and fill out the missing parts. Fill out the variables like so:
STAKING_CONTRACT_ADDRESS=0x0000000000000000000000000000000000001001 //don't change this.
The YOUR_VALIDATOR_PRIVATE_KEY_HERE variable can be found in this file:
Save the .env file and continue on

Fund your wallet

Send at least 1.1 XZO for testnet or 10,050 XZO for mainnet to the wallet address that you generated in Part 2:
Public key (address) = 0xXXXXX...

Stake to become a validator

Once you have completed the steps above, run the following:
npm run stake
It run run a few seconds until the transaction confirms. Once the script is done running, you can run this script to confirm that your validator was added as well as the total staked amount and list of validators.
npm run info
When you are done staking and want to un-stake, run this command:
npm run info

Part 4 - Start Your Validator

./exzocoin server --data-dir ~/.exzo --chain mainnet-genesis.json --seal --max-slots 40960 --grpc --libp2p --jsonrpc --max-inbound-peers 128 --max-outbound-peers 16
Once you run that, your validator will start syncing with the testnet blockchain and begin validating.
Please review the Exzo Network testnet and Exzo Network mainnet node validator terms of use prior to participation.