Vision Documentation

Exzo Network project includes two main components
● A web-based application that will provide a platform for decentralized cross-chain conversion of digital assets.
● A blockchain network based on Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism that will provide an ecosystem for creating customized blockchains, deploying smart contracts, with low fees and high throughput.
Exzo Network project will be aimed to including full support of Ethereum based dApps.
All critical components of the system will be reused as much as possible from existing open source projects to reduce time-to-market and costs of implementation.

Ecosystem Needs & Requirements

Cryptocurrencies have an isolated existence. Designed to be decentralized and work independently, they either have their own separate blockchain ecosystem or run off of other larger ones such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
This essentially means that one token cannot interact with another if they run on different ecosystems. As more and more tokens are launched coupled with increased interest due to DeFi, the struggle is getting more serious.
Exzo Network project is committed to promote adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing products that are useful and easy to use.
First of all, the cross-chain swap solution should solve the problem of converting tokens between different blockchains which can now be complicated for the general user.
There is another problem that is relevant for small and medium businesses who want to implement blockchain and dApps into their operations. Using existing solutions puts limitations on business applicability and is often accompanied with high transactional costs. Custom development of a decentralized application or the blockchain network can be costly and time consuming. By implementing the innovative blockchain architecture Exzo Network native blockchain network should allow cheap, simple and fast creation of custom blockchains with low-cost transactions for businesses that need it.
Businesses that already run their applications on Ethereum struggle with high fees and low TPS rate. They need a cheaper and faster alternative to optimize their operations. Exzo Network blockchain should provide full support for Ethereum based smart contracts written in Solidity for the smooth and efficient transition from Ethereum to Exzo Network blockchain.

Solution Overview

Exzo Network will be the platform that provides a wide range of blockchain and DeFi opportunities for users from swapping tokens between different blockchains and earn profits from staking to creating fully-functional dApps written in Solidity and fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
Initially Exzo Network ecosystem will be a fork of Fantom Network ( This will give faster time to market, robust technology and feature-rich solutions.
Main components of the platform will include:
● Cross-chain swap application
● Main blockchain network supporting Solidity dApps
● Governance token
● Staking module
● Blockchain explorer
● Wallet
In later versions, it is planned to introduce enterprise solutions for managing, tracking, and securing private data such as healthcare data/patient data, data for private sector industries, government, etc.

Major Features

Cross-chain swap app

Web application integrated with open source liquidity provider API's that allows to swap tokens between networks supported by these providers from the custom Exzo Network web interface.

PoS blockchain network

The solution forked from Fantom blockchain network that will allow for staking and natively building swap bridges between multiple blockchains. The network will be governed by the native Exzo Network token providing the ecosystem for creating swap liquidity pools.

Wallet Application

Mobile client for storing all supported tokens and accessing DeFi features provided by the network including swaps and staking.

EVM compatible Solidity dApps

Full support of Ethereum based smart contracts written in Solidity to allow for dApp development and transition of users from Ethereum to Exzo Network blockchain.

Blockchain Explorer

Web application integrated with the native network that allows to track and search transactions on the ledger.

Scope & Limitations

The initial version of Exzo Network project will focus on creating the fastest possible value for end users by providing Exzo Network token swap application integrated with open source liquidity providers via their API's.
In parallel the efforts will be directed to the development of the core functionality of the platform that covers the MVP features and forms the basis for further development. The MVP release will include a forked and Exzo Network branded set of applications from Fantom blockchain ecosystem.
For the budget optimization the software will not have features for the general consumer, such as:
● Ability to swap tokens that are not supported by open source liquidity providers (initial version).
● Ability to swap tokens between networks that are not supported by Fantom blockchain at the time of the fork.
● Custom features that are not supported by Fantom blockchain at the time of the fork.

Other Needs

The solution will initially run on AWS cloud infrastructure utilizing message-based architecture and modern technologies like Docker, RabbitMQ, Redis, Lerna, etc.


Exzo Network platform will be designed to be as widely accessible as possible. Therefore, it should be compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Brave, and Internet Explorer browsers.
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