Connecting to a Cluster

Connecting to a Cluster
See Exzo Network Clusters for general information about the available clusters.
Configure the command-line tool
You can check what cluster the Exzo Network command-line tool (CLI) is currently targeting by running the following command:
exzo config get
Use exzonetwork config set command to target a particular cluster. After setting a cluster target, any future subcommands will send/receive information from that cluster.
For example to target the Devnet cluster, run:
exzo config set --url
Ensure Versions Match
Though not strictly necessary, the CLI will generally work best when its version matches the software version running on the cluster. To get the locally-installed CLI version, run:
exzo --version
To get the cluster version, run:
exzo cluster-version
Ensure the local CLI version is greater than or equal to the cluster version.